Meat Food Budget vs. Vegan Food Budget

Average Hypothetical Health Consciuos Meat Food Budget Bi-Weekly

Meat Food Budget

Chicken Breast $2.99/lb

Boneless Chicken Breast $4.99/lb

Ground Beef $1.99/lb

Granola Bars (Generic or Store Brand) $1.99-2.99

Canned Green Beans or Vegetables $.99-1.29

Big Bag of 15 Little bags of Chips $4.99

Eggs $1.49-3.99

Juice from concentrate $1.99-3.99

Soda (pop) 2 Litter $.99-1.99

Box of Macaroni and Cheese $1.99-3.99

Loaf of Bread $.99-2.99

Cheese $1.99-4.99

Red Bull 4pk $5.99

Vegetable Oil $1.99

Sugar $.99-3.99

Bag of Greens $1.50-2.00

Canned or Prepackaged Soup $.99-3.99 each

Fresh Fruit $1.99-3.99/lb

Cupcakes/Muffins $1.99-2.99

Pizza $1.99-5.99

Chicken Wings $2.99/lb

Milk (Gallon) $2.99-4.99

Candy $.79-2.99

Total $51.58-80


Average Hypotheical Vegan Food Budget Bi-Weekly

Fresh Fruits 1.99-3.99/lbs

Frozen Vegetables $1.99-2.99

Fresh Vegetables $.99-2.99

Bag of Greens $1.50-2.00

Dried Fruit $1.99-2.99

Raisin $.99-1.99

Cashews $2.99-6.99

Almonds $1.99-3.99

Pistachios $.99-3.99

All Fruit Juice $1.49-4.99

Soy or Almond Milk 1/2 Gallon $1.99-3.99

Stevia $1.99-5.99

Coffee (Decaffeinated or Caffeinated) $2.99-7.99

Water 24pk $1.99-4.99

Dark Chocolate $.99-3.99

Frozen Fruit $1.99-2.99

Total $29.84-50

This budget is based off of a hypothetical budget at discount stores or prices. This is a budget that represents the average person usual grocery shopping trip every other week for 1-2 people depending on how much food the individual or individuals need to maintain their weight and health. Of course, this budget would change if you were at Whole Foods, Dominick’s or any other grocery store that has few discount prices. Now, the budget price would not be dramatically different, but it may go up about $15-20 dollars at these stores for the same amount of people or person. If this is for a household you may want to multiple the budget by two which still brings the total for the average meat eats budget to about $66.59-71.59 and the vegan budget to about 58.68-63.68. These budget amount may fluctuate depending on how much the house eats and the kinds of foods they like for both vegan and meat eating budgets alike. So, this all goes to say that a vegan budget does not necessarily cost more. It depends of what individuals choice to buy as a meat eater or as a vegan.

Click her to see the budget closr: meatbudvsveg



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