Jump Start Programs

Here are the choices to jump start your new lifestyle. Jump start programs are not mandatory for your goals or transition to Nature’s Way of Life, rather a way to see what lifestyle will work best for you. The programs give you the opportunity to challenge yourself, or maybe simply try a new way of life for a short period of time. The programs do not guarantee any weight loss, however weight loss can be a side effect when you follow your jump start program properly. This means, no meat, no foods or products that are not from nature.

  1. 7 Day Vegetarian
  2. 14 Day Vegetarian
  3. 7 Day Vegan
  4. 14 Day Vegan
  5.  7 Day Raw Food
  6.  3 Day Raw Food
  7.  1 Day Vegetarian, 1 Day Vegan, 1 Day Raw Food (3 Day Total)
  8. 3 Day Vegetarian
  9. 2 Day Vegan
  10.  1 Day Raw FoodPhoto Credit: theatlantic.com

Vegetarian Programs

The vegetarian programs offer a wider assortment of food selection, given the fact that you will consume meat alternatives such as seitan, tofu and foods that contain dairy and or eggs. This program was designed to help you slowly transition into Nature’s Way of Life Vegan program, but do as you will and stay vegetarian if that what suits your fancy.

Vegan Programs

The vegan programs offer a smaller assortment of food selections in comparison to the vegetarian program, simply because you do not consume eggs or dairy products.

Raw Food Vegan Programs

The raw food vegan jump start program was designed from people who are already, vegetarian or vegan and would like to begin consuming only raw food for longevity. Now, this does not go to say that if you currently consume meat you can not try these programs, proceed and see how you feel.

I previously tried raw food vegan for 45 days, my goal was 60 days, but I made it 45 days. I am still in anticipation of living the raw food vegan lifestyle for a longer period of time. Ultimately, I would like to be vegan, the only exception for me would be eating out to avoid special request with friends. In addition to that, I am practicing calorie monitoring. This task includes watching what I eat, when the foods are not from nature, this means any man made food products, cereal, grain bars, pasta noodles breads, etc. These foods I consume in moderation, especially if I am having a hungering for it I do not deny myself the opportunity to indulge a little in what we at Nature’s Way of Life call “moderation foods”.

Quote of the Post!

“For every sacrifice, there’s a reward.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

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